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Hub Cap Annie bookHub Cap Annie Hangs Up Her Mallet

Jane Withers is one of Colorado’s most colorful entrepreneurs to ever grace the Front Range. Multiple addictions to amphetamines, alcohol and cigarettes—oral comforts that basked her brain with endorphins—were finally put to rest after many years of multiple cessation attempts, as she chugged into Denver with a born-again hillbilly companion in a dusty U-Haul towing her broken truck stuffed with 600 dirty, mismatched hub caps.

Hub Cap Love Affair

As the tumultuous years rolled by, her hub cap store became the largest of its kind in the country, having grown from $8,000 starting capital and despite her zero business acumen.

A year after the onset of this new endeavor in her life, she promptly married a scream-a-holic husband, who had to remain in the background because of his peppery past. “Fencing” became part of her middle name—thousands of stolen hub caps passed through the store. Eventually, the local police added a felony arrest to her resume. 

Hub Cap Annie

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